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2014 Bat City Road Rallye - May 31

Release Austin Rallye Starting Checkpoint on May 23

Austin, TX, USA

This event has already passed by. Sorry.

Event Description

The Inaugural Bat City Charity Road Rallye consists of an European Time-Speed-Distance rallye competition. This rally is MOTOGUD's signature event. The rallye will begin and end in the Texas state capital of Austin.

The 2014 Bat City road rallye is rooted in a popular and exciting rallye event - a one-day driving competition around Austin and Texas Hill Country--with teams from all over the country competing for the coveted Bat City First Place trophy.  Check out for more explanation on TSD Rallye and Frequently Asked Questions.

Rallye competition is exciting and cliffhanging, while staying within driving laws and your own driving abilities.  We mix it up a little bit featuring popular charities throughout the day. There is no doubt, this will be one of your favorite days of 2014. Rallye Driver-Navigator teams often consist of brothers, sisters, husbands/wives and buddies. We've witnessed first dates, and we've witnessed weddings.  You never know what rallye surprises are waiting for you.  Sign up today for your crack at an intense day of fun!

To learn more about TSD rallye, how we impact local Austin charities, or what you should consider bringing to compete in a rallye, please visit our website at

We will release the registration venue (also our starting checkpoint) on May 1.

7:00am              Registration Opens
                         (complimentary breakfast, schwag for sale, DJ dance party)
8:45am              Registration Closes
9:00am              Rallye Team Meeting (Drivers & Navigators Required)
9:30am              Bat City Road Rallye Launch
                         (launching teams in 20 second intervals)
                         (invite friends & family out to watch, it's a great time)
End Party           Teams stagger in over a 60 minute period
                         Will release End Party venue week of Bat City Road Rallye
February 9th, 2014  3:59 pmMay 28th, 2014 10:00 pm


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